Healthcare is experiencing dramatic change

Shift in aligning performance and payment (value-based payments) with increasing demands and regulations
Move for retail medicine, removing as much as 40% of primary care market share over the next 10 years
Move to focused management of highly complex patients and a rapidly growing Medicare population
Increased provider responsibility to deliver improved clinical outcomes and meet quality measures
Declining trends in fee-for-service reimbursement creating financial resource limitations
Increased patient financial responsibility, further straining practice revenues and increasing provider responsibility to ensure that patients are getting the care they need, when they need it
These changes, if left unmanaged, can lead to a practice's inability to:
  • Maintain a strong financial standing, sound business practices and streamlined operations
  • Maintain a competitive advantage in the market
  • Meet required cost and quality targets
  • Create and maintain health improvement and quality outcomes for patients
OnePartner can help

Don't adapt to these changes.
Lead the transformation!

To be successful in the years to come, practices must position themselves for success and take action to address these changes. Those who refuse to transform will find themselves unable to compete in the market and unable to withstand the imminent changes in reimbursement. The time is now to take action to secure your future.

Thankfully, we can help! OnePartner has a track record of proven success in the following areas:

Value-Based Contracting

If you're considering entering into value-based contracting, OnePartner can assist you in evaluating your current operations and establishing strategies to ensure your success in making this transition. Services include:

Value-Based Operationalization

OnePartner can help you build a sustainable operational model that will improve clinical and patient care. OnePartner's Value-Based Operationalization Services include:

Healthcare Technology

OnePartner's technology is vendor agnostic and works within a clinician's existing workflow, fostering high levels of support and adoption to reduce cost, improve clinical decision making at the point of care and improve clinical outcomes. OnePartner's Healthcare technology solutions include: