Value-Based Contracting

Unsure about value-based contracting?

The relationships between your payers should give you some incentive.

As the industry places more emphasis on coordinated, population-based care, it's imperative that you have a strategy for partnerships with payors which reflect the proper incentives and support to assist you in this transition. After all, to herd cats, all you have to do is move their food!

As the transition from fee-for-service to pay-for-value occurs, it's imperative you have a support system in place which removes conflict and barriers from strengthening the provider-patient relationship and supports an environment of engagement, education and coordination which directly benefits clinical effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

The keystone to making this transition successfully is a strong partnership with your payors; one which supports your efforts to effectively manage populations and identify and manage individual complex patients.

OnePartner has proven success in building relationships with payors and creating partnerships which are mutually beneficial and keep the patient at the center of it all. OnePartner will provide techniques in contract design and acquisition favorable to your strengths with defined goals and objectives, making it easy for you to operationalize.

OnePartner can also assist in evaluating your options for ACO Implementation, Medicare Advantage strategies, and Commercial Pay-for-Value.