Data Center

Tier III Certified
Backed by 24/7 Security

OnePartner ATAC (Advanced Technology & Applications Center) was the nation's first commercial data center to achieve Tier III certification by the Uptime Institute.

Since the day we started, we've gone to considerable lengths to provide you access to a premier, high-availability, fault-tolerant facility that boasts of advanced security and a proven record of 100% uptime.

No Outages
No Downtime
Since we opened the doors, OnePartner has not had one single outage.
Days of uninterrupted service for OnePartner ATAC:

Data Center Facts

Stable Location

Located in Duffield, Virginia, OnePartner ATAC is located in a geologically stable region with no historic record of natural disasters. Scott County, Va, home of the OnePartner ATAC, has never experienced even a f1 tornado.

Staffed Security

With an array of advanced security measures, including 24x7x365 staffed security, surveillance systems, multi-factor authentication access control, and a host of additional network security features, OnePartner ATAC was built for the very purpose of being the best of the best.

Advanced Compliance

OnePartner ATAC takes compliance very seriously. With compliance in SSAE 16 and SOC 2 & 3, with N+1 for all critical components.