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Instant access to Patient health records

  • No more time spent on faxing.
  • No more phone calls to providers & labs for test results.

OnePartner Health Information Exchange Community Record allows providers to see patient information at the point of care, regardless of place of service. This means you will have patient records right at your fingertips. This will cut down on the amount of work your staff must to do to aquire medical records, making your practice much more efficient.

With all the major hospitals participating, as well as many other healthcare organizations in the area, OnePartner HIE will help save you time and improve patient quality by giving you instant access to patient records.

"As a physician responsible for the global care of patients with multiple medical problems, I have always felt a responsibility to maintain the "definitive" version of the patient's medical record. OnePartner HIE is making that goal more attainable."
Steven Adkins, MD
The diagram below shows how many different types of patient records are in the HIE:

Benefits of a community record

  • Reduced cost
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved quality
  • Improved patient safety and patient satisfaction
  • Reduced duplication of services

The best part? Every electronic medical record system can connect! We harmonize and normalize the data to deliver it in a meaningful format, easily viewable within the provider's existing workflow. No more needles in a haystack!

HIE Regional Participation

  • 750K
    Patient Records
    Approx. 750,000 patient records
  • 200K
    Messages Daily
    Exchanging approx. 200,000 messages daily
  • 1,514
    Participating Physicians
    Including both Wellmont and Mountain States Health Systems, representing over 80% of the primary care providers in the Tri-Cities TN/VA market

OnePartner HIE is selected to support Qualuable Medical Professionals Accountable Care Organization and South East Rural Physicians Alliance Network.

Providers per County
The number of Primary Care Providers (PCP) and Specialty Care Providers (SCP) and Mid Level Providers by county that participate in OnePartner HIE
County State PCPSCPMid Level
Carter Co TN 24 3 9
Dickenson Co VA   3 2
Greene Co TN 1 1 1
Hancock Co TN 1 3 
Hawkins Co TN 6 15 8
Johnson Co TN 3 4 2
Lee Co VA 3  1
Norton City VA 10 4 3
Russell Co VA 4  3
Scott Co VA 4 4 7
Smythe Co VA 15   3
Sullivan Co TN 164 238 176
Unicoi Co TN 3   4
Washington Co TN 166 142 115
Washington Co VA 40 17 30
Wise Co VA 11 27 20
Wythe Co VA 1 1 1
Grand Total 456 462 385
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