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OnePartner ATAC data center photo tour

This slideshow highlights views of the data center that aren't shown in the video, including the client videoconference room and client work area. The slideshow features some of the photographs included in our client collateral pack. We encourage our clients to use photos of the ATAC in their sales collateral. The ATAC should be part of the value proposition to your customers.

Top 5 Lightning-Prone States

The Weather Channel's Chris Dolce created this list from NOAA data. Another great reason to locate your datacenter/backup datacenter in Duffield, Virginia.

Database Disasters

We've collected photos of typical server room problems. Rank the ones you think are the best examples of typical bad practice. Our goal is to help you make the case to management for moving your infrastructure into a commercial datacenter so you never see things like this in your datacenter.

Downtime Database

One of our most popular pages. Many companies still choose to trust data center vendors without certifications. The results are inevitable. We pull data center outage reports from the news and synopsize here as a public service.


"Is Your Data Center a Paper Tiger?"

You might be surprised to learn that your data center, the facility that supports the systems enabling every task of the organization, is almost certainly a "Paper Tiger" that looks more robust than it is.