Spectrum laboratory network selects OnePartner

Mr. Tom Deaderick, Director of Onepartner, LLC and Mr. Bryan Firestone, Chief Information Officer of Spectrum Laboratory Network, announced an agreement between the two organizations to provide geographically diverse business continuity and disaster recovery services to support Spectrum Laboratory Network's Mid-Atlantic operations.

"With our recent merger with Carilion Labs we have carefully considered where we should put our efforts to create the maximum strategic advantage for the organization," explains Firestone. "Ultimately, the strategic focus has to be on the systems, and specifically the way the systems work together rather than the building that surrounds the systems. In the long term, we see commercial datacenter space as becoming more of a commodity. Leasing space in one of the nation's highest certified commercial facilities gives us two things; 1) the ability to focus our efforts toward designing ideal computing resources and 2) a high availability facility".

Spectrum's service is a blend of physical and computing service components, each highly interdependent. Both specimens and reference data require guaranteed delivery and Spectrum's systems are at the heart of this very complex network ensuring transport of both physical and digital assets. A Laboratory Network with high availability is a necessity for physician work flow and optimum patient care. We must keep downtime to a minimum and Onepartner's datacenter solution gives us comfort to know our systems and data are secure.

"Spectrum is exactly the kind of organization we had in mind when we designed the Onepartner ATAC (Advanced Technology & Applications Center) in 2008," shares Deaderick. "They have a sophisticated, enterprise-class information technology architecture and a keen appreciation of the financial and strategic impact of downtime. These are people who are very serious about maintaining operations".

Spectrum Laboratory Network joins other organizations from the health care industry who rely on the Onepartner ATAC data center, including; Holston Medical Group, Mountain Region Family Medicine, CareSpark and COSEHC (Consortium for Southeastern Hypertension Control). The ATAC data center also houses Onepartner ecoSM, a unique new Electronic Health Record (EHR) cloud infrastructure.

"Spectrum's decision to locate their infrastructure in the ATAC has some really interesting additional benefits," according to Deaderick. "It's exciting to think about the advantages this generates for both organizations, and the customers of both organizations. We're both service providers supporting the health care industry. When we connect physicians using one of the EHR systems within our Onepartner eco model to Spectrum's laboratory infrastructure, the data will need to travel about 15 feet. Connectivity will be much easier, security better and costs lower. Everyone is interested in reducing waste in health care. This is a study in efficiency".