OnePartner ATAC wins the High Tech Innovation award from Southwest Virginia Technology Council

The OnePartner team was honored to receive the 2008 Southwest Virginia Technology Council (SWVTC) award for High Tech Innovation at the Higher Education Center in Abingdon. The Council presented the award for OnePartner's Advanced Technology & Applications Center (ATAC).

As the first and the only commercial data center ever certified at a Tier III level by the Uptime Institute, the ATAC is the perfect addition to the technology infrastructure investments already in place in Southwest Virginia. The combination of high tech service industries, telecommunications and now commercial data center make Southwest Virginia a must-see for technology business development.

The ATAC is scheduled to open in August, after a few weather delays during winter construction. The ATAC is an ideal computing systems environment for businesses that rely on information technology. Typical ATAC clients are financial institutions, healthcare organizations, manufacturing and educational institutions. ATAC clients lease cabinet space within the facility and locate primary or backup/disaster recovery systems there to take full advantage of completely redundant data center design. Every component in the data center services, from broadband, to UPS, to the twin diesel generators, large enough to power 900 homes, has a twin backup. This design provides the "Concurrent Maintainability" required to achieve Tier III status.

The award was presented at the Council's Annual Awards Banquet. The organizers filled the large auditorium at the Higher Education Center with some of the region's most gifted innovators from both the public and private sector. Secretary of Technology Commonwealth of Virginia Aneesh Chopra and Dr. Jerry Miller President and Founder of Holston Medical Group presented thought-provoking presentations which recognized the great successes for the region and presented visions for further advances.

Tom Deaderick, OnePartner Director, recognized the support received, commenting on presentations made by Secretary Chopra, Delegate Terry Kilgore and Senator William Wampler, "You can always pick the Virginians out. They are the ones standing in front of presentations full of first-in-the-nation standings and talking passionately about their plans to improve. That's why you have technology companies locating here. In this room we have many, many people who have been crucial to our project. From my heart, I thank Delegate Terry Kilgore, Senator William Wampler and of course Aneesh and Dr. Miller who have both been huge supporters of our project."

OnePartner congratulates the SWVTC Board of Directors on the organization of an excellent, enlightening and inspiring evening.