OnePartner wins the 2015 Healthcare Heroes Innovation Award

OnePartner HIE has made great strides within the healthcare community by connecting disparate EMR systems together and securely sharing patient health information with providers in the community. This innovative technology is shaping the future of healthcare as providers across the care continuum begin to experience higher levels of collaboration on shared patients they care for. With inventive thinking that has improved the delivery of healthcare, OnePartner is honored to win the Business Journal's 2015 Healthcare Heroes Innovation Award.

Most patients see more than one physician. Highly complex patients with more than three chronic conditions may receive care from 5 or more physicians at any given time; from primary care physician to a team of specialists, their collaboration around a patient's care is crucial. Without sharing health records, healthcare providers don't always know the details regarding the care another physician is providing, leading to duplication of services, costly medical errors and often hospitalization.

The OnePartner Health Information Exchange has delivered a solution to the community, improving the level of collaboration among all health care providers. In 2012, OnePartner was selected as the HIE for Qualuable Medical Professionals, the region's independent physician Accountable Care Organization who achieved over $13M in cost savings and was in the top third in the nation for quality. In 2014, OnePartner announced the inclusion of both regional hospital systems, Wellmont Health System and Mountain States Health Alliance. With the healthcare providers and hospitals participating in OnePartner HIE, the coordination of care for patients within the community is improving.

Further, OnePartner provides a valuable case management tool which allows those responsible for patient outreach, education and intervention to follow a patient across the care continuum, often identifying key gaps in care and quickly addressing them to avoid costly events, including emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Today, the OnePartner HIE is inclusive of over 1,200 participating physicians, working collaboratively for the benefit of the community and delivering value to every patient served. This is truly a monumental effort and one that is crucial as the healthcare system under-goes enormous amounts of change. Our community has health disparities beyond what other parts of the country have to address. The keystone to our ability to effectively address them is through collaboration, information sharing and innovative, forward thinking initiatives such as the OnePartner HIE.