OnePartner ATAC Tier III Certification announced in AFCOM News

OnePartner says its Advanced Technology and Applications Center (ATAC) has achieved certification as the nation's first and only commercial Tier III facility available for colocation, hosting and disaster recovery services. Julian Kudritzki, certification manager of The Uptime Institute, affirms the accomplishment. The Uptime Institute created the Tier classification system as a benchmark for reliable data center infrastructure design.

A Tier III data center, like ATAC, has multiple redundant systems, so a critical primary system fails over to secondary systems without impact on services. For instance, if the power utility fails, redundant uninterruptible power systems would power the ATAC until redundant diesel generators start. Each of these generators are capable of supporting ATAC's electrical needs as long as necessary until utility power is restored. Thus for a Tier III facility, like the ATAC, to experience a power, or cooling outage, multiple independent systems must fail.

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