OnePartner ATAC enables Bank of Tennessee Disaster Recovery

Duffield, VA & Johnson City, TN - Phillip B. Haumiller, Senior Operating Officer and Executive Vice-President of Bank of Tennessee and Tom Deaderick, Director of OnePartner, LLC announce an agreement to provide disaster recovery to protect financial records and client services.

Bank of Tennessee will install equipment within OnePartner's Advanced Technology & Applications Center (ATAC) that provides failover capability for the most vital systems and data. This measure ensures greater protection against disruptions at the bank's primary data center.

"I think this is a step that should further reassure Bank of Tennessee customers that these responsibilities are taken very seriously," says Deaderick. "If the region is hit by a powerful storm or a regional crisis, everyone will need access to their accounts. Organizations relying exclusively on off-site tape backup systems would be down for several weeks if a truly catastrophic event occurs at their primary data center. Statistics indicate that about 40% of firms that experience a catastrophic loss of primary data centers do not survive. Secondary systems located in the high-availability ATAC can make such disruptions transparent to the customer. We all have obligations to our clients, patients, business partners and employees. The leaders who take these responsibilities very, very seriously, like Bank of Tennessee are going to rely on the ATAC - there's just no other responsible choice."

While there are many data centers in Atlanta, Charlotte and other metropolitan areas - none of these have been certified to the ATAC's level.

"The OnePartner ATAC in Duffield, Virginia is currently the sole U.S. Company providing outsourced commercial data center services (including colocation and disaster recovery) that has been awarded a Tier III Design Certification by the Uptime Institute."

- Julian Kudritzki, Certification Manager, The Uptime Institute

"After researching the possibility of building our own disaster recovery site we found it much more cost-effective to utilize OnePartner ATAC as our disaster recovery center," Haumiller said. "In the world of disaster recovery, it is important to have a secondary site. The certification tells me that it is a safe site. Distance is important. If there is a regional disaster, we need to have a site that is outside the area."

In addition to the ATAC's resiliency, the facility boasts an awesome array of security measures, including; 24x7x365 security, camera systems, monitoring staff, dual-factor authentication (fingerprint and proximity card) and a number of additional physician and network security features.

Under the contract, Bank of Tennessee systems, while located within the ATAC, remain exclusively under the control and management of the bank's Information System's staff, ensuring continuity with the bank's long-standing security procedures.