New medical complex, data center going up in Duffield

By Clifford Jeffery, Kingsport Times-News

Duffield, VA - OnePartner Advanced Technology and Applications Center is scheduled to open in June while the medical facility will open later in the summer or early fall. A 9,200 square-foot data center along with a 37,000 square-foot medical center, will form a new campus being built in Duffield.

The J. Bryston Winegar Medical Center, named for a practicing Duffield physician, will serve residents in the Duffield area with primary-care physicians and specialists from both Holston Medical Group and Wellmont Health System, said Craig Kilgore, HMG executive director. There will be an outpatient diagnostic center with CT, mammography, ultrasound and bone densitometry, as well as a physical therapy and rehabilitation center.

The OnePartner Advanced Technology and Applications Center will also be on the campus. With a Tier III designation, the ATAC is expected to maintain records for CareSpark, the regional health information organization. The OnePartner design for the ATAC was recently granted Tier III Certification.

"This is a tremendous feat," said Tom Deaderick, director of OnePartner. "There is an enormous amount of work and planning that goes into designing a building system in which any one component can be removed for replacement or repair without interrupting service. From the beginning, Concurrent Maintainability with a Tier III Certification was our goal."

HMG Director of Facilities Todd Miller agreed with Deaderick's opinion of the ATAC.

"On the inside, it will be a whole different world," he said of the ATAC. "The total redundancy makes it basically like building two or three buildings in one building."

At this point, OnePartner has Tier III Certification of the ATAC plan, said Julian Kudritzki, certification manager of the Uptime Institute in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

The genesis of the certification of plans was made about 18 months ago, he said. Pre-existing data centers were being evaluated but the cost of changes was considerable, Kudritzki said. "We realized if we looked at documents at the conclusion of the design phase, we would be able to anticipate."

Uptime institute created the Tier Classification system as a benchmark for reliable data center infrastructure design.

While an official, established industry standard has not been established, Kudritzki said he is comfortable that the Tier system is the de facto system.

We see tiers referenced and have clients with tier objectives that hire us all throughout North America, Mexico and Brazil. We're doing a lot of business in the U.K. and the Middle East," he said. We see tiers having traction worldwide. On a monthly basis, we have users from 30 countries downloading the white paper."

The step from a Tier II rated facility to a Tier III Certification is a big one, Kudritzki said. The technology and monetary investment to make a data center a Tier III facility is higher, he said.

It is really about Concurrent Maintenance, he said.

There are duplicates of everything, said Rebekah Anderson, marketing development manager for ComputerSite Engineering Inc.

"That means everything has a backup and they are set up in a way that, if the first one goes down, the second one can't. "The benefit for a company like OnePartner whose data center is their business, for them to be able to say 'We have a backup for every system in our plan. So if something goes wrong or we have to fix something, the chances you - our customer - would lose access to our data center is very slim. We're working very hard to ensure you don't lose what we're selling you.' So it's really good for their business to have this."

The Tier III status was enough for Bank of Tennessee's senior operating officer and executive vice-president, Phillip B. Haumiller, to know the ATAC will be a secure data center. That led officials to name the ATAC as the bank's disaster recovery site.

"After researching the possibility of building our own disaster recovery site we found it much more cost-effective to utilize OnePartner ATAC as our disaster recovery center," Haumiller said. "In the world of disaster recovery, it is important to have a secondary site. The certification tells me that it is a safe site. Distance is important. If there is a regional disaster, we need to have a site that is outside the area."

The ATAC is scheduled to open in June. The medical facility will open later in the summer or in early fall.

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