MSHA & Wellmont Go Live with OnePartner Health Information Exchange

Mountain States Health Alliance and Wellmont Health System are now sharing data through the OnePartner Health Information Exchange (HIE), allowing healthcare providers across the community secure access to patient information at the point of care to enable quality, positive health outcomes and cost efficiency in the care the medical community provides.

"This is a landmark moment for the medical community in the Tri-Cities. For the first time, healthcare providers across the region are now afforded secure access to clinical patient data from both hospital systems at the point of care," said Scott R. Fowler, M.D., President and CEO of OnePartner. "OnePartner provides the ability to economically connect various systems to a common platform which improves collaboration among physicians and the quality of the care we provide."

The safe, secure and timely access to critical health information at the point of care is proven to be safer for patients by allowing physicians a more complete view of the patient health record so they can accurately and quickly diagnose and treat the patient. The OnePartner HIE provides an auditable record of access to every patient record, making it safer and more secure than traditional methods of sharing patient information by phone or fax.

"Mountain States prioritizes working collaboratively with physicians to deliver the highest quality patient care," said Alan Levine, President and CEO of Mountain States Health Alliance. "Ensuring physicians have all the information they need is very important, and we are pleased OnePartner provides a vehicle for this effort. We congratulate the OnePartner team for their hard work and diligence in building this model."

As health care reform progresses, Health Information Exchange is being implemented across the country to ensure that physicians, hospitals and other medical professionals have secure access to accurate patient health information, at the point of care, no matter where the patient seeks treatment. To date, OnePartner Health Information Exchange has garnered the participation and support of 1,514 regional physician regional physicians collectively serving over 750,000 patients.

"Wellmont has experienced the benefits of having a common platform for electronic medical records in our facilities, so we appreciate the value of participating in OnePartner," said Bart Hove, Wellmont's president and CEO. "Regardless where patients receive care, physicians can perform their duties even better when they have access to the most complete record possible. We welcome the opportunity to participate in OnePartner and enhance the experience for patients and their caregivers." To learn more about the OnePartner HIE, read more.