How an HIE Works

How OnePartner HIE Works

A multi-dimensional, vendor-neutral HIE solution, OnePartner HIE provides seamless connectivity and integration that connects everyone across the care continuum.

HIE Diagram

With an "everyone is welcome" framework of inclusivity, OnePartner HIE is a solution that joins physicians, provider groups, hospitals, and ancillary service providers, welcoming all for the sake of improving care.

As suggested in the diagram, OnePartner HIE is a super-information highway that provides secure, omni-directional communication among all healthcare stakeholders as a patient moves through the healthcare system. Further, our solution provides for integrated workflows and semantic harmonization & normalization, making sense of all the disparate codes and vocabularies used inside each connected EHR so they are all speaking the same language.

Additionally, OnePartner HIE will connect with the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN), providing cross-HIE communication with regional, state and federal organizations .

Key Features

  • Flexible preference features, which allows practices to define the information they need to view and how they prefer to view it.
  • Allows connectivity within existing workflows, displaying only information that is not currently in the physician's EHR, saving time and focusing attention on relevant information
  • Communicates in multiple formats including HL7x, IHE XDS, sFTP, web services, and is interoperable through standards-based API and NwHIN Connect.
  • Provides patient-centric views of the longitudinal record, offering options for viewing the semantically organized record, including disease-specific views
  • Provides practice-centric views, allowing physicians the ability to monitor and manage the progress of their patients and patient populations across a healthcare enterprise
  • Allows physicians to view their patient data in real time across the broad care community
  • Configures document or form types within an organization (e.g. referral, consult, authorization).