Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes. Ice Storms. Earthquakes.
Is your data safe?

Whether your organization chooses to use the OnePartner ATAC for disaster recovery or business continuity purposes, you're assured of a world class facility in a virtually disaster-free zone. (Duffield has the distinction of being a geologically stable area with no historic record of natural disasters.

For disaster recovery, OneParter ATAC offers:

  • Disaster safe geographic region
  • Variety of solutions from cold backup to hot mirrored site
  • Advanced hot-aisle and cold-aisle configuration featuring ceiling plenum and forced-air return
  • HIPAA, SSAE 16 Type II, PCI Compliance
  • High connectivity, BGP best path routing
  • Multiple carriers, 10 Gb ports
  • High availability (n+1)
  • Multiple grids support 100% isolated circuit paths
  • Experience on-site staff for remote hands